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6 qualities of an enticing Twitter bio

It's the ultimate "elevator pitch."

You have 160 characters to catch potential followers' attention. Here's how to make them count:

1. Be concise.

Efficient expression is key. Your bio should communicate essential information that is easily processed. You do not need to use all 160 characters.

2. Be precise.

Nothing about "entrepreneur," "blogger," or "author" distinguishes you from other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and authors. Make sure to include key details that make you unique.

3. Be accurate.

Describe what you want potential connections can expect from you. Some people get too cute by half. Unless you wear a black clothing that covers most of your body and dispatch your enemies with a katana, you are not a ninja.

4. Be intriguing.

By this, I mean "attractive." Use words that are likely to get a potential connection to say, "Now that sounds fascinating," and to click "Follow."

5. Brag a little.

If it relates to your Twitter presence, go hog wild and include your competitive eating title. It is more likely that you hold a leadership position or that your work has been exemplary in some way. Include those things, but not too many. If your work has appeared in notable outlets with Twitter accounts, include those handles in your bio.

6. Be human.

Twitter is ultimately useless without connection and interaction. It is a tool, and its utility depends on the user. It is essential for your online presence to come across as genuine and engaged. With care, add information about your hobbies, your pets, your quirks. Give people a sketch of the you behind the handle, beyond the image, and apart from the great work you are promoting.

Some examples of great bios:




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